Of Books, Bloggers, and (Love) Life: Adulting by Neharika Gupta | Book Review

Image Description- Book open on table along with a cup of coffee and sings playing on the phone.


Published by Harper Collins India

Genre- Young Adult, Contemporary

Social media manager and popular blogger Aisha is flirty and flamboyant … even as she battles personal demons that tell her she must stop eating if she wants to stay pretty.
Ruhi couldn’t be more different from her friend Aisha. Working at Litracy Publishing, she feels grossly under-appreciated by the editor-in-chief, who happens to be her mother. What keeps her going are her own ambitions – and her handsome author Tejas.
Bestselling novelist Tejas has a bad case of writer’s block. He leans on Ruhi for emotional support before getting enamoured by Aisha as he struggles to live up to everyone’s expectations, including his own.
Bold and unapologetic, this is a story of love and self-discovery, heartache and book launches.

The book has one of the most enticing blurbs I have ever read. A short book with around two hundred pages, it consists of books, bloggers and a very obvious and messy love triangle.

Here’s what I thought:

I developed a sort of love and hate relation with the main characters. I found them really frustrating at times and super relatable at others. My favorite character out of the three would be hard to pick. I found myself relating to all of them at some point in the story.

The ever changing first person point of view between the three main characters made it a little hard to connect the story and didn’t allow it to flow as seamlessly as it could. 

I got to read about the back end of book publishing, fashion blogging, the jobs of social media executives and literature festivals! This made my book blogger heart really happy! Not many books exist set in the book publishing world. In fact, I can’t think of a single one right now. So a must read if you want a peak behind the cover.

The story was a little slow in the beginning but once it picked up pace, I breezed through the book. There were no plot twists as such since we knew everything from the point of view of different characters. The book ended on a hopeful note which I think was just the right amount of rosy for the story. 

Also, chapter titles! Don’t forget about them while reading the book. They are so rare in books these days and were a nice touch to the story.

At its core, Adulting is a book about facing your demons because no one else can help you, until you help yourself. I guess that’s what adulting means. Set in a backdrop of book publishing industry along with blogging, the book made for a very interesting read.

My Rating- 3.5 Stars3.5 stars-01

Disclaimer- A physical review copy of the book was provided to me by the publisher. This in no way influences my review and rating. Thank you Harper Collins India!



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