Book Review Policy

Thank you for considering to have your book reviewed on Knitted Pages.

Please read the policy given below and you can contact me at if you would like your book to be reviewed.

IMPORTANT – I DO NOT charge for reviews except in cases where review is required on an urgent basis.

Genres I like to read:

  • General Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction   
  • Suspense/Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Books featuring Mental Health
  • Books featuring disability
  • Mythology

Genres I don’t usually read but will consider on a case to case basis:

  • Children’s Books
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Non-Fiction
  • Short Stories
  • Graphic Novels

Genres I do NOT read and will NOT accept:

  • Erotic Fiction- Where erotica is the main element of the book. Romances featuring a little erotic scenes are fine.
  • Fan Fiction

Formats Prefered:

  • Paperback
  • Hardcover

Can accept Ebooks (epub, pdf, kindle) after consideration on case to case basis.

Kindly make note of the following important points:

  • Sending a review request does not automatically mean it has been accepted. I reserve the right to accept or reject any review request.
  • If accepted, I will post an honest review of the book on the blog, goodreads and
  • I cannot post reviews on amazon US and UK due to it requiring a prior purchase from these websites.
  • I will also share about the book on different social media channels as per my convenience.
  • The time ine for reviewing will depend upon first come first serve basis and as per my time availability.
  • If you want to have your book reviewed on an urgent basis, kindly consider the paid option (3 USD per book).

Keeping the review policy in mind, if you would like me to review your book, please send me a mail at