Blogger’s Meet with Sakshama Puri Dhaliwal

I would like to commemorate 7th July 2017 as the day of firsts for me. I attended my first ever book launch + blogger’s meet. For the first time, I met an author and got a book signed. It was also the day when I first came to own a singed book.

The blog meet I am talking about was with Sakshama Puri Dhaliwal, the author of The Wedding Photographer for the launch of her new book Man of Her Match.

I reached the venue for the meet a little late and by the time I arrived, Ms. Sakshama was reading an excerpt from her new book. Can I just say that her reading was absolutely flawless? And even though her reading was interrupted by me entering, she was super nice while I was kind of nervous.

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After the read, there was a discussion that ranged from her new book to overcoming writer’s block and to babbling online. Ms. Sakshama’s answers to all the questions any of the bloggers asked were filled with stories and anecdotes that frequently filled the room with laughs. We got to know more about both her books and she also had some great advice about writing.

We were all given a copy of her newly released Man of Her Match and got a chance to get them signed. Ms. Sakshama wrote beautiful personalized messages to us in the books (I know mine was, as you can see below).

I also met and interacted with some amazing people from such different walks of life with the only meeting point being everyone’s love for books.

I am so glad that this was my first meet and that Ms. Sakshama is the first author I’ve met.

Also, a shout out to The Tea Room for being a beautiful venue and every book lover’s dream place.

All in all, I went home with a book, a mug and a wonderful experience to remember.

Hopefully, this was the first of many to come.






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